Evernote Classic Links e.g. for File Attachments in Things from Cultured Code that work on iOS

I want to make it possible to add file attachments to a todo in Things, the GTD app from Cultured Code. This is possible to a certain degree, but doesnt work well cross platform (between mac and iOS apps).

File: doesn’t work
On a Mac, you can drag and drop a file into the note section of the todo. On the Mac it links back to the file on your hard drive. Synced to iOS this is only text.

Evernote/Dropbox = not optimal, but workable?
On a Mac, you can drag and drop an EN note into the note section, you can do the same with a dropbox link of a file (right click, copy dropbox link, paste into the note). On a Mac as well as on iOS these links take you to the web versions of each app. Not what I want. When working the other way around (adding an EN note on iOS through the share sheet), I also end up with the weblink on the Mac app.

On iOS the weblink for a dropbox file somehow routes to open the file within the dropbox app. That’s good.

When you use the Quick Add feature on the Things Mac app to add an Evernote note as todo, the link is not to the web (https://www.evernote.com/…) but creates a link evernote:///view/… which leads you to the EN note within the Mac app and iOS app. Great!

Wow, how inconsistent. I think Evernote will work better though, as the evernote:///view/… Link opens correctly on both plattforms.

How do I accomplish this?

  • When dragging and dropping an evernote note on a todo’s note field in Things on a Mac, change the link from the https://www.evernote.com/...to this type of link: evernote:///view/… And insert that instead?
  • When dragging and dropping a file into a todo’s note field in Things on a Mac, add an additional dropbox link so it opens on iOS too. This means the file needs to be present in dropbox already or another step needs to be added that moves the file there. Or is there a link system like the one for EN available for dropbox too dropbox:///view/…?

A step further or another approach would be to have KM comb through the text in Things and make these adjustments every couple of minutes.

Ok, this might simplify things:

How To Access The Classic Evernote Link

Right click on the desired Evernote Note you wish to link to
Hold down Option on a Mac or Ctrl on a Windows machine. You will see the “Copy Note Link” change to “Copy Classic Note Link.”
Select “Copy Classic Note Link.”
Paste the Classic Note Link to the desired location.

Looks like there is no keyboard short cut, but an applescript for making 'Classic Evernote Links"! (EN Forum):smile: How to get back classic Evernote note links on a Mac: “When using AppleScript to tell Evernote to create a note link, you get the classic URL scheme that opens in the desktop app.” The Applescript is part of an Alfred Workflow (Download). All credit goes to Sander Robijns for this.

Here is the script (in case you don’t have Alfred)

  tell application "Evernote"
    set enLink to missing value
    repeat until isSynchronizing is false
    end repeat
    set savedDelimiters to AppleScript's text item delimiters
    set AppleScript's text item delimiters to {"/"}
    set foundNotes to selection
    set copyLink to ""
    repeat with aNote in foundNotes
      repeat while enLink is missing value
        set enLink to note link of aNote
        -- display notification enLink with title "Note"
      end repeat
      set copyLink to copyLink & enLink & linefeed
      set enLink to missing value
    end repeat
    set the clipboard to copyLink
    display notification copyLink with title "Copy Evernote classic note link" subtitle ((count of foundNotes) as string) & " notes processed"
    set AppleScript's text item delimiters to savedDelimiters
  end tell
on error errMsg
  display dialog errMsg buttons {"Oops, an error occurred!"}
end try

I just don’t get how to use drag and drop as a trigger. Is that possible?

Hey David,

No, it’s not.


Here’s an AppleScript that will create a rich text hyperlink using the Evernote Note Classic link and the Note title, that you can paste into any app that accepts rich text:

Copy EN Note Link (Classic) AS.applescript

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Somehow the script from Sander Robins works but yours doesn’t. I think yours needs some additional software. Does this make it so I can drag and drop a note?

At it says in the header comments of the script:

• Satimage.osax for HTML encode (encode entities)
(Free D/L & info at http://tinyurl.com/Satimage-Osax-DL )

My script provides a rich text hyperlink, much more useful than just the Evernote URL.

No, it does not provide drag/drop.