Evernote “Copy Classic Note Link” Macro

Evernote doesn't make it easy to get what it calls the "classic" note to link to a note in the Evernote app as opposed to the web version (why I have no idea).

The way access the classic note link is implemented, no ordinary keystroke would work, and all attempts to get it to work with KM confounded me for quite a while.

I happy to report I finally figured out how to make a keystroke to copy the "Classic" note link by placing the mouse over the note and hitting a keystroke (Control-L in my version).

If there's a cleaner way to do this I'd love to know!!

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Try this:

Copy Classic Link.kmmacros (2.5 KB)

The macro depends on an AppleScript that transforms the "standard" link into a "classic" one by simply changing the first part of the URL text:

set the clipboard to "evernote:///view/" & text 38 thru -1 of (the clipboard)

Much simpler, thanks!!!

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Thanks for the solution!
Wasn't working for me until I changed the script to

set the clipboard to "evernote:///view/138615202/s300/" 
& text 50 thru -1 of (the clipboard) 
& text 50 thru -1 of (the clipboard) 

where 138615202 is apparently my account id or something.