Evernote Table Palette Group & Macros

###Evernote Table Palette Group & Macros

Evernote Table Palette Macros.kmmacros (174 KB)

:warning: Warning! This Macro Group has a trigger of "⌃T". You may want to change/remove as soon as you install it.

###Use Case
Here's an example of how I setup a Palette for Evernote.
Basically, it uses a Macro Group, with each Macro designed to access the Evernote menu to perform a specific table operation..

###Display of Palette

###Macro Group Setup

Then, create one macro for each style you want, and assign a simple trigger, preferably one character (with or without a modifier key).
Each macro will use the "Select Menu" Action, set for the specific menu tree you need for the style:

###Example "Select Menu" using Evernote:

###Macros in the Evernote Palette Group

###Example Macro

Hopefully this will get you started.
Feel free to ask any follow-up  questions.
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Thank you for the example. I'm just learning Palettes and this is very useful. A question though, your paltette displays the hot keys for each of the macros in it. When I try my Palette does not, only the icons and titles of the macros... how do you get the Hot keys to display?

Go to KM preferences, the Palettes Tab, and click on one of the palette styles. A theme editor appears. Check the 'Trigger' box.


Thank you very much!