Every time I enter control+2 in KM, it does cmd+v instead in trigger

Does anyone know what can cause this and how I can debug why it happens?

Inside KM app macro group I don't have any bindings to map from control + 2 to cmd+v

Control+2 works correctly in all other apps. Just KM breaks.

Ok resolved, I had this set in BTT for some reason.

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Glad you found the issue. For posterity’s sake, I’ll mention the custom macOS keyboard shortcuts that some people set up and then forget about (myself included from time to time).

By the way: BTT executes macros before KM. This can be used to advantage. I have set up my most important ten macros with the same shortcut in KM and BTT. That causes no conflicts. But if I have to quit an app (for test purposes), the shortcuts still work.

If it is unclear which app is executing a macro, you can recognize it by the animated KM icon in the menu bar.

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