Evoke READER in Safari

I want to make current page in Safari open in READER. I have tried several actions. I can get KBM to work when I press TRY, but not to a trigger i.e. "option o ". I am in Catalina on a MacBook Pro.

At least in older versions of Safari,

Safari menu > Preferences > Websites > Reader

allows users to set Reader as a default view on sites.

Yes, even on current versions of Safari. I want to toggle between standard and reader. I was able to do it with an early version of KBM.

Is View > Show Reader not sufficient, whether invoked by mouse, keyboard shortcut, or Keyboard Maestro?

In Safari, Show Reader is toggled on & off by the keyboard shortcut Command + Shift + R. But when I tried to type this series of keystrokes as an Action into the KM editor it starts to record keystrokes (I guess this is a shortcut in KM for recording?)

View > Show Reader invoked by Keyboard Maestro does work to enter Reader view from standard view in Safari, but I often then want to toggle back to standard view. Repeating another View > Show Reader action does nothing because Reader is already invoked (the new action in the View menu would have to be Hide Reader, which I assume would require a different Trigger).

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I could toggle Safari Reader on and off by repeating one trigger?

This macro is trigger by typing Control-r (⌃r). It should meet your needs.

Safari—Toggle Reader.kmmacros.zip (940 Bytes)

Jim - I downloaded the .zip file opened and double clicked the file. The macro it placed into KM editor still initiated a Recording in KM when I clicked Try the macro. Closing the editor and pressing Control-r (⌃r) does nothing in Safari. Did I miss something?

Dean – the macro works fine on my Mac.

Plus, in Safari, if I type ⌘⇧-r, it toggles reader all by itself.

My guess is that you have another macro that is triggered by ⌘⇧-r.

Or you should check: System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts, and look for the shortcut in there.

Thanks Jim
Yes, if I type ⌘⇧r, it toggles reader all by itself on my Mac also - this is the MacOS keyboard shortcut for Safari > View > Show Reader / Hide Reader and it does successful toggle Reader view. This is what I need a shortcut for. I was thinking as a trigger: Control + Enter as keys a little easier to reach.
I don't have another macro using ⌘⇧r, but as stated when I use this in KM editor I get a big red RECORDING in the editor and the trigger won't work. Mystery . . .

Try this one:

Safari—Toggle Reader.kmmacros.zip (984 Bytes)

Yes, it works just like I wanted. Thank you, Jim !
Now I just have to figure out how you did it . . .

You're welcome!

Examine my macro. You'll learn more by investigating it.

If you still have questions after that, go ahead and ask.

I hope that helps!

Jim - what you did different from me was to first Activate Safari, then Type the keystroke ⌘⇧r.
What I did was to just enter the Action: type the keystroke ⌘⇧r. So, what that did was to type these keys into whatever app was active, which would have been Keyboard Maestro at the time, which I guess KM interprets as wanting to record keystrokes?

Thanks so much, again!

You figured it out. Congrats!

You're welcome again!