EXAMPLES: Custom HTML Prompt with Fixed Header and Footer using Flexbox

##Custom HTML Prompt with Fixed Header and Footer using Flexbox Examples

Custom HTML Prompt Fixed Header and Footer using Flexbox Examples.v1.0.kmmacros (8.0 KB)

Two very simple examples of Custom HTML Prompts that have fixed headers and footers, and a body that will have a vertical scroll bar only if needed.

The only difference between the two, is that one of them saves and restores its window position.


After clicking the "Add Content" button:



I really like your concept here, Dan. When I get some time, I’ll give it a test run.

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Nice job @DanThomas! I’m currently experimenting Custom HTML Prompt with jQuery and SVG and this Flexbox example will certainly be very useful. Thanks for sharing!

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If you have questions, please post them. And if you learn anything interesting, post that also. It’s hard to get much info on this subject.

I also have some posts on using Bootstrap if you’re interested - just search for Bootstrap.

And by all means, if you develop a decent style sheet that’s small and self-contained, post that. For me, one of the biggest hurdles of Custom HTML Prompts is style sheets, since I’m really weak in that area. I understand the concepts and stuff, but I have no idea how to create something that looks good. I know good when I see it - I just can’t create it from scratch.

Hi @DanThomas,

Please check the following link:

In this post, I provide a macro which contains an HTML Prompt made almost exclusively with SVG an jQuery.