Examples - My Workflow Macros

I use KM for things as simple as adding lacking shortcuts to applications to full workflow automation. If no one minds, I thought I'd post the 5 workflow macros I use to produce and distribute my weekly syndicated radio show. I've built them up over the last few years of learning KM and haunting the forums here.

I'm happy to answer any questions about these. I'm open to any suggestions for improvement, too.

STEP 1 - Create the show folder, move all the music tracks prepared, convert the m3u playlist to HTML in BB Edit, and start the show notes in SimpleNote.

PariahRocks - HHH Create.kmmacros (72 KB)

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Step 2 - Mix the Show in Adobe Audition - The show has already been recorded in the studio including voice and music, but now it needs some editing, music beds and sound effects added, etc.

PariahRocks - HHH Mix.kmmacros (48 KB)

STEP 3 - After the show is mixed, create the proper files for delivery to radio stations. The audio has to be delivered in multiple formats, so watched folders and presets are used with Adobe Media Encoder. Photoshop (and sometimes Illustrator) are used to create the show's unique weekly image or "album cover"). Screenflow is then employed to build a 60-second teaser video from a template I built plus the show's unique Teaser audio voice and music mix and the show image.

PariahRocks - HHH Prep for Delivery Macro (v9.0.3)

PariahRocks - HHH Prep for Delivery.kmmacros (95 KB)

STEP 4 - Deliver the show to affiliate stations via email with the required playlist, information, etc. Also open YouTube to upload teaser video and begin the show's post on PariahRocks.com.

I just recently added @JMichaelTX 's https://forum.keyboardmaestro.com/t/open-web-page-pause-until-load-complete-sub-macro/8584.

PariahRocks - HHH Deliver.kmmacros (71 KB)

STEP 5 (Final) - Publish the show for on-demand and mobile streaming (on Fridays) after radio stations have had time to air it.

  1. Sends a reporting email to relevant record label, music distributor, marketing agency, and musician/band contacts.

  2. Uses Opera, which is logged in using the show's accounts (Chrome uses my main accounts), to upload the show to Mixcloud.com, to create the scheduled promotion of the show on social media, and promote the show on Patreon (http://patreon.com/pariahrocks if you're interested).

  3. Vivaldi browser is used to post to Instagram from the desktop.

  4. Pauses until it's time to promote the show on Facebook in various groups and pages.

PariahRocks - HHH Publish Macro (v9.0.3)

PariahRocks - HHH Publish.kmmacros (74 KB)

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Thanks for sharing. This is awesome, and you (and everyone) are always welcome to post your Macros.

I have moved your topic to the "Macro Library" section.


Thanks, JMichael. And thanks for the great "Open Web Page & Pause" sub-macro.

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This looks interesting. I don’t really understand what’s going on here exactly but would it be possible to have a video of how these macros work visually? Id really like to see how this Adobe Audition Mix macro works

I don't think I'll have time to make videos of them, especially since I have to obscure some details in the process.

The mix one mostly launches Audition and then launches and arranges the various Finder windows I need to access for clips and assets when mixing the show. In terms of macro complexity, it's the easiest of the five. Most of the keystrokes are just opening new Finder tabs, activating Go to Folder, and then inserting the paths.

I launch all five of these from icons on the Dock, by the way. They're KM Trigger files.