Examples of ‘Pause Until’ action

Trying to get my head around different possible ways to use ‘Pause Until’ action.

If you use this action in a macro, I’d love to hear about it so I can learn more about the power and potential of this action.

Thanks :blush:

For example in Logic Pro when it is bouncing the “save” in menu would be greyed out

So you can have pause until a certain menu is available again


Some of my common uses:

  1. Pausing until browser window title contains/is/matches etc. (useful to ensure the webpage loads before continuing)
  2. Pause until a keyboard key is up/down etc. (useful for macros that have multiple key-related triggers, like key down, key up etc.)
  3. Pause until a variable exists/contains etc. (especially useful if setting KM variables via AppleScript or shell scripts)
  4. Pause until a menu item exists/is marked/is not marked etc.
  5. Pause until at this path something exists/does not exist etc. (useful for interacting with files you are creating or moving via KM, AppleScripts, shell scripts etc.)