Excel copy crashes KM (and Excel)

I’m having trouble with copying in Excel crashing Excel AND KM. Obviously Excel is trash and its bugginess doesn’t suprise me, but it shouldn’t take down KM with it, right?

I can reproduce this if more details are needed. This appears to happen ANY time I copy from Excel 2016, but not with Excel 2011.


I can’t duplicate this, although I have added yet another MS flavour exclusion in the beta I am running. Please email me with details.

Hi. I'm trying out the new version of KM and am having a very similar issue. If KM is running and I copy anything in Excel it hangs for a awhile before working again. So it doesn't crash any of the apps but it means I can't have KM running when I'm using Excel and unfortunately I use it a lot.

Hey Josh,

See this:

Keyboard Maestro & Excel 365 Conflict