Excel crash

Excel is crashing when running the attached keystroke macro repeatedly. I works a few times before crashing the program, which is why I added the "command + S" to the end of the macro. Its function is to start on a cell which is an email address, create a link which is a "mailto" to that address, move down one cell, and save the sheet. Any help greatly appreciated.

email link.kmmacros (4.2 KB)

Excel for Mac 2011 v. 14.6.1
OSX 10.11.3

Excel crashing is an Excel issue which should be reported to Microsoft.

That said, Excel 2016 is out so they will likely tell you to upgrade.

You might try adding some more pause actions to give Excel more time to process, but its hard to say what might stop the actions Keyboard Maestro is taking from tickling whatever crashing bug Excel has.

Thanks for the advice.

Hey John,

You’re feeding Excel keystroke too fast.

Put brief pauses between all the keystroke actions and play with their duration.

I’ll wager you can get it working.


Thanks, Chris…that’s helping

I would recommend moving away from Keyboard Maestro and use VBA instead. If you need keyboard maestro for anything it can prepare text files and such for excel to import and it can wait for text files to be created by VBA and then act accordingly.

It is always best when using programmes to, if you can, stick to the APIs built into the programmes themselves. If not of course that’s a shame and you have to make a work around but it’ll always be far more effective to use the in built APIs :slight_smile:

Don’t worry. The learning curve isn’t very steep! Especially with the knowledge that you can record macros in excel itself!

To get started: http://www.easyexcelvba.com/introduction.html

@jcwash, I agree with @sancarn that using VBA is likely to provide a better, more robust solution. In addition to the getting started guide, you can always record an Excel VBA macro just by starting the macro recorder, and then going through the steps. Then you can edit the macro as necessary.

I have used Excel and Word VBA extensively over the years, and have found them to be very powerful and generally not that hard to use. If you get stuck, feel free to post your questions here.

I should add that both Word 2011 Mac and Excel 2011 Mac have an extensive AppleScript object model. So using AppleScript would be another option for you.