Excel mouse clicks

Must I? Must I? Do I have to use a mouse click in Excel to select an entire row? More specifically, is there any way I can select two rows and then skip a row and then select two more rows? See, once I can select multiple rows (and for this particular purpose, multiple non-contiguous rows, but with a repeating pattern) then I can delete them all at once. Right now I have to press the COMMAND key while I select the rows one by one. If I am reformatting an entire document with hundreds of records (read "rows") it is painful to have to do it by hand. Just wondering.

Many thanks for anyone's interest in this and for any assistance.

You may be able to do it with AppleScript, but the easiest solution to get something working quickly is with hotkeys.

Shift-Space selects an entire row.
Arrow keys move downwards etc.