Exclude macro from one specific app?

Hi all

I have this macro i mimicked after the really quit macro for Command+w

my question is can i make a specific app (chrome for this example) ignore this macro? i know i can have macros work on specific apps but how does one exclude one specific app?



With an If than action. I have a couple of macros using this method and it works well. Something like this.

You can do it in reverse and say if Chrome is in front, then in the section execute the following action leave it blank and put your action in the Otherwise execute the following actions, which would do the same thing. Not sure which is more efficient though.

Easy. Change the Macro Group setup to EXCUDE whatever apps you want to:



Create a macro group and name it something like "Not Whatever App" and configure it to be active in all apps except the desired excluded application, then move your macro to that group.

thx @peternlewis and @JMichaelTX

thats what i was looking for :smiley: