Exclude Window with Specific Title? Disable All Macros for Window with Title?

I'm Mac-based (obviously), but have Windows computer as my household media server. I like to manage the Win10 machine through a screenshare window on Mac so that I can play music (much better MP3 and WAV management software available for Windows). Formerly, I used TeamViewer, but TeamViewer decided that the fact that I kept a window open most of the day meant I must be using it commercially. Recently I switched to Chrome Remote Desktop, which gives me screenshare management of the Win machine a Chrome tab.

The problem comes in when my KM keyboard shortcuts do weird things to the Windows machine. When I try to press CTRL+C to Copy in the Chrome Remote tab to Windows, it activates my Control+C KM macro to count characters rather than copying text.

Is there a way to tell KM to globally ignore or exclude a specific Chrome window/tab from all macros?