Exececuting Applescript in KM9

I just upgraded to KM9 and a macro that has been running for a long time is now producing an error:

2019-08-13 13:25:47 2019-08-13 13:25:47.159 osascript[854:45198] Error loading
/Users/[…]/Library/Components/Script Debugger.component/Contents/MacOS/Script Debugger: dlopen(/Users/[…]/Library/Components/Script Debugger.component/Contents/MacOS/Script Debugger, 0x0106): code signature in (/Users/[…]/Library/Components/Script Debugger.component/Contents/MacOS/Script Debugger) not valid for use in process: mapping process is a platform binary, but mapped file is not
/Users/[…]/[…] Dropbox/[…] […]/App Support/AppleScripts/EjectAll.scpt: script error -1762. Couldn't get error text because of error -1700.
Macro “Eject external drives” cancelled (while executing Execute “EjectAll.scpt” AppleScript).

I'm using […] to obscure user information.
The AppleScript file is unchanged.

Any ideas?

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My guess would possibly be the hardened runtime is disallowing the Script Debugger component. It's hard to know for sure. I would suggest you ask the Script Debugger folks about their component and what the issue might be related to.

You can also try running the script directly using osascript in the Terminal and see if you get the same result.

Please post your script using the Forum Code Block, and also try running the script directly in Script Debugger and/or Script Editor.

I am running Keyboard Maestro 9.0 on macOS 10.14.5 (Mojave), and have not noticed any changes in, or issues with, AppleScripts, JXA scripts, JavaScripts, or Shell Scripts.

Did you by any chance compile and save the AppleScript in Script Debugger while in the SD Debug mode? If so, edit the file, revert to normal mode, test, and save. Then see if you are getting any errors in KM.

JMichaelTX: You nailed it. Silly me. Thank you.

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