Execute an Automator workflow does not work with Sonoma

I have multiple Automator workflows to detect the existence of reminders with specific criteria in the App Reminders, which worked since a long time with KM "Execute an Automator workflow", but does no more since I have upgraded to Sonoma. The workflows are correctly executed within Automator, but not from KM. KM issues a notification "Action failed, the action search for elements in calendar failed...". Anybody has an experience ?

Sounds like it needs Calendar security permissions.

I checked : KM is authorized to access to Calendar and Reminders. But the action fails anyway...

I have the same issue with running a bash script in a macro- used to work before OS upgrade but not now. I can not find any errors reported in the logs. Security settings look ok (inc Full Disk Access) - but assume something is preventing it

After multiple tests, I discover that KM accepts to execute Automator workflows, except when there is an action "Search for Reminders with criteria..." (not sure of the english because I use the french version).
However, such action is still perfectly executed within Automator under Sonoma OSX.

The Log explains that KM does not accept this specific Action : (translated from french)
"Action "Search for elements in Calendar" is in error : « -requestAccessToEntityType:completion: is outdated ; using this method is no more authorized. Use rather -requestFullAccessToEventsWithCompletion:, "

I didn't find any other action in Automator able to extract specific reminders. It used to work with KM under Ventura OSX and precedings, but no more under Sonoma.

Finally, the problem is not in KBM but in Apple OS management of "Confidentiality & Security" : it does not give the allowance to an app which search for certain Reminders in the Reminder App, because "it is not allowed in Calendar", and I found no solution to get this allowance.
So the solution is to replace the KBM action "Execute Automator Workflow" by a sequence of actions : open Automator App, select the workflow and open it in Automator, execute it in Automator, Close Automator (+necessary pauses in between)...!
Hope Apple solve this bug quickly...

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