Execute AppleScript - size limit?

Is there a limit on the size (amount of characters, etc.) of the code that can be in an Execute AppleScript macro action? I’m using 6.4.7, and KM Editor locks up when I try to Edit (not just view) a macro that has an Execute Applescript action with code that has about 67,000 characters long.

Not that I know of, but that is certainly well beyond the size I would normal test. I will look at it, but I would suggest for a script that long that it would be much better to put the script in an external file and execute it that way. The only advantage having the script in the macros would give you would be that it would be synced with your macros, but even so that is a very large script to be editing in Keyboard Maestro’s script editing fields which are really only designed for a dozen lines or so.