"Execute javascript for automation" on multiple machines

I have a KM macro that includes the line “execute *.js Javascript for automation”.

I try to run it on multiple machines. On one machine I assign the location to dropbox.

When I try to execute the same macro on another machine, it does not work. The dropbox location “travels” through the first machine, which is not available.

I am sure this problem has been solved many times. What do I do?



Please post your actual Maco. Your statement is not clear.

I don’t know what “assign the location to dropbox” means, but if you post your macro it should be clear.

I use Dropbox all the time with KM, and it works great.
However, the key is:

  • Pointing all files/paths to the local folder
  • Making sure that the DropBox location is the same on each Mac.
    • I use this location, to avoid issues with Mac username:
  • So, for example, I store all scripts that I use with KM in this folder:

I have no idea what this means. Please provide details.

Thanks for your reply to my ill-formed question. You did solve my problem. I now use /users/shared/dropbox/Keyboard Maestro for my scripts, and it works fine.

Thanks for your help!


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