Execute JavaScript in Brave Browser Failed

A simple test javascript:
At https://forum.keyboardmaestro.com/latest, when I execute the following javascript:

var str = document.getElementById('site-logo');

On Chrome returns:

But on Brave returns nothing.

Does it mean Brave does not support it, or perhaps I messed something up in the settings of Brave Browser?

To quote from:

actions:Execute a JavaScript in Browser [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

these actions work with Safari or Google Chrome

( most browsers lack an automation scripting API )

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Hey Martin,

It works for me.

You probably didn't turn ON “Allow JavaScript from Apple Events” in Brave.


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Yes, this will work with Brave Browser, provided that:

  1. BB is the frontmost web browser
  2. You have enabled all of the necessary settings in BB, like:

To be clear, the JavaScript in Browser action works with Safari, Chrome, and all Chrome-based browsers, like Brave Browser.

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This was indeed the case. :joy::joy:
I did not remember I did that for Safari and Chrome at all!
Thanks a lot!

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