Executing Javascript for cycling through a list in chrome

I have a list on a website looking like this...

If you scroll down you end up eventually seeing a load more button...

I wish to use keyboard maestro to scroll down through the list and press the button. Whilst doing so grab the usernames it sees on that list, and perhaps saving into a text file or csv or similar.

My main issue is working out how to scroll through and continue clicking the Show more whenever it appears/is clickable.

Here is the dom images for the usernames etc if it helps...


Can anybody share some ideas on how this could be achieved grabbing the usernames and saving into some file, whilst continuing to scroll through loading up more?

This can probably be done using Execute a JavaScript in Browser actions, but we will need more information:

  1. The actual HTML code around the list, starting at least 2 levels (<div>s) above it, and below it.
  2. HTML code around the "Shore More" button.
  3. Also, we nee a way to detect when the additional list items have finished loading/displaying after you click the "Shore More" button. You will need to test clicking the button and observe if any changes are made, like possibly one or more of these:
    • The "Shore More" button is disabled, or even disappears
    • Something changes in the count displayed at the top of the page:

Please post all code/scripts using the Forum Code Block.

BTW, do you expect the list to be the 24243 users shown at the top of the page?
If so, then this could take a while to download, 700 at a time.