Expanded Search in Help Menu

Searching in the Help menu has always been a useful way to find things, but in Keyboard Maestro 8 it is a whole lot more useful. As well as searching all the menus, it will search the wiki and return matches there, so functions and tokens can such will all get direct help links.

Unfortunately, the help system only shows the first 20 or so entries, but you can still select the Show All Help Topics at the bottom to go directly to the wiki.

Don’t forget that holding down the option key while selecting from a menu will often get you help on the wiki for the selected item (trigger, action, functions, and tokens).

Is there a macro one can use to quickly activate Search in Help menu?

Assuming the menu bar is hidden.

I don't know if it works with the menu bar hidden.

In any Mac application, pressing Command-Shift-/ activates the Help menu and the Search field will have focus for typing. This was added in OS X 10.8, I believe. If you’d like a different keyboard shortcut, the default can be changed in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts > All Applications.

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It seems Command-Shift-/ does Command-? which often is not the search field (isn’t in Keyboard Maestro or Safari at least).

I am sorry, Mr Developer-of-Keyboard-Maestro, Command-Shift-/ invokes the the Help menu with its Search field activated on my Mac :slight_smile:

I have tried it. And it doesn’t. :frowning:

I can also confirm that the Shift-Command-/ shortcut invokes the Help menu with the search field highlighted, even in High Sierra. I also discovered that pressing it twice will do the same even if the menu bar is hidden (the first press brings the menu bar down, the second press invokes the Help menu’s search field).

It works for me in Safari. Maybe it has something to do with the keyboard type/language settings ?

Me too

In which case I should confess to having a French AZERTY keyboard, with UK settings imposed on it :smiley:
Physically, I am using ⇧⌘= on my keyboard…

Whatever you guys say. Command-Shift-/ opens Safari Help or the Keyboard Maestro User Manual for me. Must be some setting somewhere, or a keyboard setup or whatever. Maybe it’s my CODE Keyboard. Shrug.