Experiencing loss of debugger controls

Newbie Question maybe. When I launch the KM Debugger, either with a trigger from a script or on its own, it displays a window with no controls. I have at one point seen a flash of controls when it launched and then they disappeared, but this morning I can’t even do that. This is a new phenomenon. Help please.

Hey Frederick,

There are not going to be any controls until you run a macro.

When you run a macro it will be paused, and there will be visible controls.


@ccstone The Debugger is triggered by a Debugger Breakpoint this Macro action. The debugger palette appears but nothing else appears debug like occurs eg. the macro does not break.

What action appears after the Debugger Breakpoint this Macro action?

I did a restart last evening and this morning the Debugger is functioning normally. Apologies. For what it is worth here are the actions on either side of the debugger breakpoint:

Set Variable ‘HTML Result Button’ to Text
Note: This is a standard KM variable that is cleared at the beginning of the macro. Don’t change the name.

Debugger Breakpoint This Macro

If All Conditions Met
The variable ‘FMDestinations’ does not exist
Execute the Following Actions:
Set Variable ‘FMDestinations’ to Text
~/Desktop | ~/Downloads