Experiments in LaTex

Dear Chris,

I understood how to use "NewFileHere!" Macro.

I really appreciate it.

I will change the topic.
(Sorry for the sudden question.)

Is there a macro that makes it possible to command "append" to the body of the specified file using "new name" created from "New File Here!" Macro?

Where is the "new file name" created with "New File Here!" Stored?
(Is it stored in the Clipboard?)

Is there a Macro that calls "new file name" created by "New File Here!" From "clipboard" and copy and paste it in the body of a specific file?

If there are macros that can be diverted, what sort of things should I use?

From now on, the specific items of the file "main.tex" are targeted and items to be realized are as follows.

  1. Identify (using RegEx) the location of the "file with the largest number x" in "content-x.tex" (written in main.tex).

  2. Write "newly created file name" directly under the position that was identified.

  3. Use [[RegEx] Add HTML Div tag to Each Line.kmmacros] so that it can be described in {} of "\ include {}" instead of "Div tag".

  4. When writing, "New file name" is added in {} of "\ include {}", and it is copied to corresponding part of main.tex.

I am very happy if I can realize the above.
I will continue various studies.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Thx and regards, WAKAMATSU (boehmflute)

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I've done that for you this time.

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