Export and Import Help Needed

Hi all,

I am attempting to move all my current keyboard maestro macros to my new computer.

I see that I can export all macros individually or export as library.

I chose the group = all macros and highlighted all the macros (both enabled and disabled), and chose export macros.

Then on the new computer, I chose import macros safely, edit imported everything however they were disabled. Since some of my originals were disabled now I got confused as to which ones to enable.

Q: So if my goal was to get everything (both disabled and enabled) from the old computer imported the same way into the new computer, what is the best way to accomplish this?

Okay, so export your Group as you did:

But then instead of choosing "Import Safely" on the new Mac, just double-click the .kmmacros export file in the Finder. The Macros will be imported in with enabled/disabled set for each Macro as you had it when you exported them.

Great. Thanks - I will give it a try.