Export scripts/macros as an App?

Hello there Keybord Maestros!

Is there any way of sharing a Macro as a self-contained app? So that my collages could use some macros without running KM?

This would be a killer feature I think…

All the best. Eriko

I highly doubt that will ever happen. It is directly against the best interests of KM. You could then have only one paying customer with 100’s, even 1,000’s of others who benefit.

Perhaps one approach would be to sell/license only the KM engine, so the user could run/execute macros, but not create them. Only Peter would know if this makes good business sense.

Not currently no. Yes, it would be possible to sell some sort of “Run Only” version of Keyboard Maestro.

There are many ways I could take Keyboard Maestro and break it into a suite of products with different prices and different features. However all of that takes work on my part and does not actually add anything to the world, so I prefer to spend my energy on Keyboard Maestro as a single product.

There are no current plans to do any variants of Keyboard Maestro, so the only option would be for them to purchase Keyboard Maestro as well - whether that is worthwhile for them is a question only you/they can answer. I do offer volume discounts, which may help a little (contact support).

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I quite like this – makes KM a better product, IMO.

Hello again and thanks for clearing this out. I work with "on stage live performances" and have multiple computers running and multiple shows with different groups. I see your points on why this would not work as the product pricing is today.

For me thou, I would love to be able to compile a "closed app" without ALL the functions of KM

To be able to minimize the risks of KM crashing or occupy to much memory and so on. If I just want to run Keystrokes by apple scripts in a show for example. In some other applications I use I have the possibility to compile the "compositions" as a native OS X, iOS app...

For the projects I'm on this is a fantastic feature, as it opens up new possibilities... But as you said, it might be to focus on the wrong tasks :wink:

Well just wanted to hear what you guys think and looking forward to new interesting features.


ps. In the end, if a lot of cool apps came out "made with Keyboard Maestro", it could even make the community grow with a new user base?! I have no guarantees but it could be the case...

Take a look at what you can do with UI scripting in AppleScript.JXA. Not always the most intuitive method of automating things, but if you’re literally sending keyboard events, you could definitely turn these things into applets.

I have also had fairly good success with creating macro libraries and asking non-Macro-inclined-types to purchase KM and then install the library. They never build another macro on their own, but they get the benefit of what I’ve built for them.

Hi iNik,

I’m just learning JXA, and wonder if you have any JXA scripts you wouldn’t mind sharing? Since JXA is so new, there are not many examples out there.


I’m actually still pretty mired in AppleScript, just too old and busy for
new tricks. :slight_smile: