Exporting Text Expansion Macro Values To CSV

Hello. I'm trying to export a list of KM "text expansion" macros into a CSV. My goal is to have in one column the short-code that triggers the string (example short-code: "let.me"), and the string that expands after typing the short code macro (ex: "Let me know if you have any questions!").

Is this possible? Thanks.

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Hey Yousef,

Yes, it's possible.

Please provide 3-4 examples that are as complex as you have.


Thank you Chris. I'm guessing a .kmmacros file would be helpful to share those examples?


Hey Yousef,

Yes. You can export 3-4 macros, and you'll end up with such a file.

Zip it and drag it into a new message on the forum, and you're all set.