Extend selection to whole table in Safari or Chrome

Copying a whole table from a web page can involve some fiddling with extending the selection and getting its boundaries right.

Here's a first draft of a simple macro for Safari and Chrome:

  1. select a little text in one cell of a table on a web page
  2. trigger the macro to extend the selection to the whole table.

( I haven't added a ⌘C to go ahead and copy, but I guess you could – perhaps with a pause to allow the selection to complete ? )

( Works on the few tables I tested it with, but let me know if you find others which resist it – I will look into why and see if its range and precision can be extended a bit. )

Or perhaps there is some other way of doing this which I haven't come across ?

Select whole table on web page.kmmacros (20.8 KB)

(function () {
  var oSeln = window.getSelection(),
    nodeTable = document.evaluate(
      null, 0, 0
    rngDoc = nodeTable ?
      document.createRange() : null;

  if (nodeTable) {

Hey Rob,

That is just plain slick!



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###Rob, this is awesome! :sunglasses:

I just did a test on this page, and it found the table accurately and quickly.
I then did a copy/paste into Excel and it looks great!
Thanks for sharing.

Page tested:

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( I feel proud, if a little startled, to have written a piece of code which can even make the GOP line-up look great – wouldn’t have thought it were possible : - )

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In appearance only. Substance is something else.
What a mess.

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congratulations on a superb macro.
are there any ways to paste the table and preserve the format.
does not work in Pages.

I wonder if that depends on the particular browser and table ?

(Chrome and Safari, for example, place slightly different material in the clipboard )

I find that using Chrome with this table:


I get formatted RTF if I

  • select with the macro
  • copy/paste into TextEdit

and tab-delimited text if I paste into a text editor.

( I don’t personally have any experience of Pages - but I notice that there are discussions like this:



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Thank you for your answer and links.
Thanks to your suggestions, I found a simple solution without going through an intermediary (textedit)

  • highlight and copy the table using your brilliant macro
  • create a table in Pages with the corresponding number of rows and columns
  • highlight the whole table in Pages
  • paste, and presto, it is the same table as in Chrome (just have to correct font size)

It also pastes nicely as a table in Microsoft Word (Office 2011).


An updated version, for more recent browser builds:

Select whole table on web page.kmmacros (5.7 KB)

Expand disclosure triangle to view JS source
(() => {
    "use strict";

        selection = window.getSelection(),
        nodeTable = document.evaluate(
        rngDoc = nodeTable
            ? document.createRange()
            : null;

    return nodeTable && (
        rngDoc && (
        "Table selected"