Extended Keyboard - Assigning Actions to F13 to F19

This is may first post to this forum, sp please be gentle if it is a dumb question!
I am thinking of assigning actions to currently unused function keys F13 to F19. I have successfully assigned instant launch and start of Voice Memos to spare F6, which has proved very useful.
Before I start creating others, can anyone suggest useful actions to assign to the higher keys?

It's NOT a "dumb question" because I don't have a "good answer". By all means, utilize those keys for triggers! I've got them all mapped to stuff, and shift-mapped as well. But those actions are specific to my workflows and not of much interest.

My more generally useful actions are assigned to the lower F-keys, so they are available on the laptop as well. I mapped "cut" "copy" and "paste" to F2-4. Then I further mapped "copy" and "paste". "Copy" does a couple of things depending on the context e.g. Copy the selection. Copy the link the mouse is hovering over. Copy the gMail link. Copy the URL of the current page. Select a region and OCR-copy the text found (Wow, that's a lot. It happened over time.) Long-pressing F4 brings up the clipboard history, which is also handy.

Thank you devoy.
I was thinking of cut, copy, paste, but before assigning those commands I thought I would look for more complex options that require more than Cmd-X etc. As you say, it could be extended to do OCR etc.
I had not thought about long pressing so will keep researching before adding anything.
I appreciate your support and ideas.

You can map useful menu functions to extended function keys just by using the Keyboard mappings in main settings. A really useful mapping I use is the "Lock Screen" command in the Apple menu, which I have mapped to F19, in the top right of my keyboard. I just give it a quick touch whenever I need to walk away from the computer.

I tend to use macro groups that are enabled in individual apps / on individual webpages (by browser window title) / in individual spreadsheets (by window title), and then the macros I use most within those apps get assigned F keys.