External Display will not re-awaken


Machine configuration is this:

  • MBP Retina, 15", Late 2013
  • Apple Thunderbolt Display

Problem is this:

  • When I use a Keyboard Maestro Macro to make my mac sleep, the Thunderbolt display will not re-awaken.

What I’ve done to test this:

  • SMC & PRAM reset
  • Reboot Mac
  • Tried a different Retina Display

Other things to know:

  • Even while the Thunderbolt display refuses to wake up to the Mac that went to sleep, I can plug the display into another Mac and it will fire up, no problem.
  • That makes me think it’s not the display, but the port on the Mac that isn’t waking up

Hello… anyone out there?

I’m afraid no one has any ideas on this.

Keyboard Maestro’s “sleep” action simply sends an AppleEvent request to the system to sleep the Mac. So there is no reason why it should behave differently to any other sleep request.

That said, you could try finding an alternative way to put the Mac to sleep. For example, you could select the Apple ➤ Sleep menu, perhaps that would work better for you.

I had that issue with an ASUS monitor. Usually a power off/on would fix it.
I have also see suggestions that the Mac Thunderbolt cable could cause the issue. Have you tried a different one?

I’ve tried two different thunderbolt cables in the first display (the one that’s integrated with power supply; and a second cable, which I’d previously been using for mirroring etc.

I also tried with a different thunderbolt display.

So, no dice. That causes me to believe that the problem is with the thunderbolt port.

Which tells me to do two things, then

  1. confirm it’s behavior with both ports on the MBP Retina
  2. Also try with a different MBP


Thanks, Peter. I’m going to try a couple of other h/w configurations to see if it’s just something wonky with this particular machine, or one of its ports.

Plan (b) will be to try to cobble together a script/code stub that implements something similar.