External script triggers no longer working for macros in other groups

I have a group of macros for moving and resizing windows. They have been in a separate macro group called "Windows." I was triggering these macros from BTT touchbar, via applescript. Now, they are not triggering.

If I move a macro from this Windows group to the Global Macro Group, the macro triggers fine, but when I put it back, I have the problem again.

But I have the Windows group set to:

  • Available in all applications
  • Available in all windows
  • Always activated
    see below:

Am I missing something obvious?

Hello @richtack, I also only use macro groups, which I call via BTT (AppleScript).

I proceed as follows:

  • Create a macro group with my actions (for you Windows)
  • Create a macro with the action "Show Macro Group" and point to the macro group "Windows".
  • Copy the UUID of this macro and paste it into BTT with an AppleScript.

In this tutorial (sorry German :wink:) you can have a look at it again:

The advantage for me is that the macro group (conflict palette) appears directly at the cursor and I can then trigger my desired action or macro with one click and the macro group goes again.

I use for the window arrangement the app Moom @richtack. In action it looks like this:

Thanks! This seems really interesting. I wish I understood German! But for me, this seems like it's adding a step that i'd rather not add. I have the individual icons on the touch bar, so to click a touch bar icon and then have to click a palette option seems more than I need. it would be great if I could just trigger them directly without having to put all those macros in the Global group.

But separately, you're method is giving me some ideas for other uses!

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Please excuse my asking @richtac, but my English (online translation) is not so good.
I don't have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar myself, but I can do this on my iMac.
Do I understand you correctly... You create a group in BTT. When it opens, do you have any buttons to trigger the window positions?
These buttons / actions are then placed in KM in a macro group?

Could you take a screenshot of the macro group?


Thanks for the offer to help. I've seemed to solve the problem myself, but I don't know why the solution worked.

i just created a new macro group with the same settings as the old group. I dragged all the macros contained from the old group to the new group, and now the macros are triggering. Weird!

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That Windows Macro Group should be always active, and any macros in it should be always active.

Try adding a Status Menu trigger to a macro in the Windows Macro Group, and verify whether it is visible in the Keyboard Maestro status menu, which is an easy way to tell whether the macro is active or not.

Try running the AppleScript you are using from BTT in Script Editor and see if it works and/or reports any problem. Perhaps there is an issue with the AppleScript that is causing the problem (eg, perhaps there are two macros with the same name and so Keyboard Maestro cannot tell which to trigger - using the UUID instead may be better).