Extract Data From Web Documents During Tax Season

So basically I am getting ready for taxes so I need to go login to a few different sites that I use, then I will open statements or invoices. From there what I want to do is click on each statement, extract the data, paste it to my spreadsheet, go back to the statements page, click the next month, and repeat the action.

I was attempting to use Xpath to do this however the examples I was watching were from a 2016 version of KM and I no longer see the action Set Variable to XPath.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you

There is no such action.

(What vid were you watching?)

There's a 3rd party plug-in for clicking an object using Xpath:

Click item on Chrome or Safari page by XPath

There's a macro that does the same thing:

[WEB] Click on Link Using XPath [Example]

This macro shows you how to get the object from the Xpath, and from there you can get info from the DOM.

It was:
[WEB] Click on Link Using XPath [Example] - Macro Library - Keyboard Maestro Discourse

Thank you for your help I'll try your suggestions today!

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