Extract multiple lines from Apple Numbers

Hi Folks,

I'm trying to get multiple cells in multiple lines out of Apple Numbers to fill a multi-line form. I am using the very well documented macro from JMichaelTX over on this thread (Extracting Data From Microsoft Excel)

The problem I'm running into is modifying this to pull all of the cells in a selection into variables. The way the macro is written is meant to process one row at a time ( I assume one row -> one form submission). I need to extract the data from multiple rows (2 columns) all into their own variables and then fill them into a form.

Here is a sample of the Numbers Data (note: this is part of a much larger file with multiple sheets, I've just made a copy of the relevant cells)

Numbers Sample Data.zip (64.0 KB)

And here is the macro I've got so far.

SA - FCU Scheduler Macro.kmmacros (16.0 KB)

The regular expression I have in there does seem to match properly on regex101.com. However I think the issue is the macro is set up to process the clipboard data one line at a time, and I need to process it all at once. What am I missing here? Thank you!

Alright I feel dumb now. Just had to remove the "for each" wrapper and change the regex action to "system clipboard". Here is the finished macro.

SA - FCU Scheduler Macro.kmmacros (15.1 KB)

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