Extract or matching words from variable?

hello im trying to work this thing can some one help me please ...
i am trying to match word from variable

searching or matching word from variable.kmmacros (5.7 KB)

Hello there! Thank you for posting your macro so we can see what you're working with. Have you made any progress it?

If not, please explain a little more what you're trying to accomplish... are you trying to find out if the text entered into the prompt is part of the variable set at the beginning of the macro? A little more detail will help us come up with ideas for you. :grin:


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Hi @woogie. I've modified your macro with a version that demonstrates the match. I've added a few other items that normally come up with macros like you've shared. Finally I added a few comments with some links that you'll likely find useful.

Take a look and come back if you have any follow-up questions.

searching or matching word from variable v2 Macro (v10.0.2)

DOWNLOAD Macro File:
searching or matching word from variable v2.kmmacros (19 KB)
Note: This macro was uploaded in a DISABLED state. It must be ENABLED before it can be run. If it does not trigger, the macro group might also need to be ENABLED.


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this is perfect answer for me sir thank you!!

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