Extracting multiple variables from text

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Although most of my life is now automated through KM - I just can't fathom this one.

I want to extract information to multiple variables from my online bookings system (via Calendly).

Here's a sample of the body of text I would like to extract to variables (Bold headers for example would be the variable name, Italic text would be the text that would become the variable text):

Hi Me @ My Business

A new event has been scheduled.

Event Type:
Event Name


Invitee Email:
E-mail Address

Event Date/Time:
14:00 - Monday, 9 March 2020 (UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time)


Job Description

Location Info

Invitee Time Zone:
UK, Ireland, Lisbon Time

I know how to get the individual text lines into a variable by selecting each but I'd love to be able to do this in one hit - it would really save me a lot of time every day.

I hope this makes sense - happy to clarify this

Thanks in advance for any help!

some ways to solve it:

  1. use their API:
    seems straightforward and you'd get all the info you might need.
  2. xpath to variable, set each xpatch match to a variable
  3. get source, and then use regex to extract variables

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply!

Unfortunately this is all way over my head (I work in music) from the little I understand on Regex - I had pre-empted it may be the case.

I’ve been meaning to learn it for other applications that I use... time to get the books out!

ah! another option: OCR!

if fields are always in the same place, this might be a quick way to solve it:


do you have a sample screenshot or link? ie a fake one just for testing

Oh that’s awesome! It certainly would be in the same place each time.

I’d like to learn a consistent way for gathering directly from text in the future but this will certainly break the back of my troubles for now - thank you so much!

Sure, I could do that - unfortunately with my current work schedule it will take me a while before I get enough free time at my work computer to do so but I certainly can.

Thanks again!

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