F Keys (F13 to F24)


Although most keyboards don’t have F13 to F24 keys, these are real keys and can be handy for macros.

Keyboard Maestro is able to recognize up to F20 as a “trigger” for a macro (when programming the macro), but for some strange reason F17-F20 will not actually execute the macro.

It appears that my Mac is not even recognizing F21-F24 at all which is strange, but the F17 to F20 is puzzling since the program acts like it detects the key when programming the macro, but doesn’t actually execute the macro when the key is pressed.



Hey Heber,

What keyboard? (Brand and model.)



I’m using my own product from www.keymouse.com (we make custom keyboard/mouse products).

The keys are all fully programmable. One of the easiest ways to program a Macro to a key is to assign it to an F13 to F24 key (since they are typically keys not used by most programs). For example, I may want a key for “Share Screen in Skype”. I could assign it to F15, and then cause Keyboard Maestro to intercept that key and perform a Keyboard Maestro Macro. It works good unless I program the key in the F17 to F24 range, then they behave as described above.



If you would like to send us one to test, I can see what is going on and what we can do (or perhaps what you can change) to make it work. Contact support by email (support at stairways dot come) if you’re interested.