Faded out action

Hi all, Can someone tell me why my Hide Specific Application action is faded out and does not work? It's even faded in the Action panel but I have not idea why. I have attached an image that shows what I am referring to. You can see that the Activate icon is normal opacity but the Hide icon is faded and does not work?

Not disabled ?

(Ctrl-click gearwheel at right to see action settings menu)

No, just checked :dotted_line_face:

By faded out you meant the icon for the app (in this case Photoshop) is faded out? That seems to be normal behaviour for this action (I suppose to give a visual indication of what the action does).

The reason it is not working is that (assuming Photoshop is not already running) as soon as Photoshop begins to activate the "hide" action is fired which is too soon to hide Photoshop.

A solution is put a pause after the activate action that waits for Photoshop to be fully activated before firing the "hide" action. One way to test for that is to wait until a Photoshop menu item is available:


Ah! Yes, that fixed it. I played around with it and ended up putting a 10 second pause in, ran it and it works great. It's still greyed out but working fine now. Thank you very much for your help.