Fallback File Organizer

Hello! Just wanted to make a post to see if anyone would find this macro useful, I know it's not perfect but I think it can be super powerful for selecting a precise destination for a file in your src/home folder that is super quick and easy to use.

How to use:

  1. When a file has been added to a folder that is set to trigger some action e.i something gets downloaded.

  2. A window appears with all the sub-folders listed out chronologically using numerical values 1- x...
    with their name (This is useful for large directories so you can just type the number associated with the folder)

  3. Once you highlight the folder you have two options. Option A: You can place the file in the highlighted folder by holding down Tab and hitting Enter or Option B: you can simply just hit Enter to go into that directory and the process will repeat until there are no sub-folders in the selected directory and the file will be placed in the last one.

I'd love any feedback as well because I have no idea if there is something already like this is available or there is an easier solution.


Fallback File Organizer.kmmacros (10.0 KB)

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