Faster ScanSnap with KM?

19) ScanSnap Duplex v1.0.kmmacros (68.5 KB)

Here is the fastest Macro that I have been able to create for ScanSnap, it scans duplex then saves to the folder. Can anyone improve this to cut out as many steps as possible and make it happen in the background without using the UI? (can it be done in shell script?)

Hope it helps.

Hi @demirtas1
A couple of suggestions/question…

Would you mind posting the steps in addition to attaching the KM macro?

Can you tell us more about what you’d like to do and what the end result you would like from your workflow?

I have spent the last three years working on my paperless office workflow and ditched everything to use the Neat software because it’s pretty slick. I also just checked and there does seem to be an AppleScript Dictionary for it though it appears very limited.

I downloaded the software and was surprised to learn it was ready to go as far as working with my ScanSnap ix500. It was even listed as a choice in their menus.

My apologies if this isn’t relevant to what you are trying to achieve but it’s the best answer I can give you with the limited scope you provided. :smile:

Hi Tunes,

Thank you for your response, I want to trigger the scan duplex and save to folder ‘Documents’ all in the background, so nothing is requested from the user at all, ScanSnap just scans and adds the file to the folder all in the background.

  1. Right click ScanSnap Manager
  2. Select Duplex Scan
  3. Wait for the documents to scan
  4. Then a window appears allowing the option ‘scan to folder’, click it
  5. Then click ‘save’ on the next window

Points 4 & 5 I find really unnecessary after the file is scanned it should be done in the background. Maybe points 1 & 2 could be done in the background too?


I am not sure I understand. I do have a question which may help clarify. Have you tried setting up a profile with the desired settings? I have three profiles I use where I set Duplex OFF and pointed to specific apps. In one case it’s a Filemaker Pro app.

Also to do this you need to uncheck “Use Quick Menu” to do it this way. Are you using the Quick Menu?

There are also some other settings you can uncheck to stop things like the Scan Progress Status Window from showing up as well. Though I might think that would not be a good option because the progress statues window is where you can interact when scans go wrong and in my case they frequently do so I end up having to initiate actions manually.

Are you just trying to avoid clicks and user interaction?

Hi Tunes,

Thank you for this I will look into the ‘Use Quick Menu’ feature but my intentions are as you say to avoid any type of user interaction & input. What do you recommend?

Many thanks

What do you suggest what can we do? for example HP SCAN, the whole process happens in the background once you trigger the Automator action. The file is scanned then put into the ‘Documents’ folder without any user interaction. Can we do anything similar here. It just scans then puts the file into the ‘Documents’ folder. I can share the macro for HP Scan if you like.

Hi Tunes,

When I go to the Applescript dictionary I cannot see anything for ScanSnap. I can’t select ScanSnap to use its dictionary. Does the dictionary have the function to perform ‘Duplex Scan’ directly from Applescript?


Hey Ali,

If you drop SnapScan onto the Script and no dictionary is displayed then there is NO dictionary and the app is NOT scriptable.

If memory serves all AppleScripts I’ve seen for SnapScan use GUI-Scripting and System Events.


Demirtas not all applications have an AppleScript dictionary. Chris’ suggestion is a good one. I usually open Script Editor and then use the “Open Dictionary” command (which is an alternative to what Chris is suggesting). This lets me know if there is a dictionary or if the app doesn’t have one.

I find more and more that the apps that seem to be the most useable are the ones that include some kind of AppleScript Connectivity. (Having a an AppleScript Library). It opens a lot of doors.

Also if I may clarify what I meant when I said “could you also post the KM Steps when you post”, I mean a screen shot of the Keyboard Maestro window.

I don’t know if this will do what you need or not, but it may be worth a quick look:
Fujitsu ScanSnap Manager for Mac – Automator to the rescue

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