Feature Req.: "Deselect Action(s)"

###Feature Request:

  • Add a Deselect Action(s) option to the Actions menu.

Use Case:

  • I’ll frequently want to Try an action (or multi-selected actions).
  • After I’ve tried them, I want to deselect them. (So I don’t accidentally do something to them.)
  • But it’s currently not possible to deselect an action(s) without first selecting Stop Editing Macros and then Start Editing Macros. (Or is it??)
  • Deselect Action(s) would allow this via a keyboard shortcut and without starting/stoping editing sessions.

I believe what you’d like is hidden under the Edit menu. If you hold the Option key and select the Edit menu, you’ll see Deselect All as a menu item (keyboard shortcut: Command-Option-A).

Son of a…

I had a feeling “Deselect All” was a default system behavior. But for some dumb reason, I didn’t try OPTION-command-a.

Thanks NaOH!