[feature request] ability to move between groups and macros with arrows

Right now I can move up and down between groups with ↑ and ↓. However if I have a group selected and I want to move to scroll through its macros, I cannot use → to switch focus to it. Nor can I use ← from the ‘macros’ list to go back to the groups. Is it possible to add this feature please as I quite like scrolling through my groups/macros with keyboard only.

Thank you a lot and I hope you consider adding this.

You can tab from the macro groups to the macros column, and you can shift-tab from the macro column to the macro group column.

Hey Peter,

Yeah I know that I could that. It is just that I need to press tab multiple times to switch the focus fully, same for shift+tab to go back. It would be nice to add this feature if you can and it isn’t too difficult. Right now the right and left arrow do the same things as top and bottom.

Thank you if you do consider adding this in the future.