Feature Request - Action Colors More Vibrant and Distinct in Dark Mode

Hi @peternlewis - this is something I've been meaning to ask for a while. The Choice of Action Colors works really well in Light Mode - making it easier to spot certain Actions in Macros. For example, following the conventions of others on the Forum, I always use Magenta for Actions that are designed to be edited by the User (me or someone else) and Green for ReadMe and Notes.

But in Dark Mode (my preferred Mode of using Keyboard Maestro) a lot of the default colors look similar and muddy meaning I tend to just use Green, Magenta and Blue. Yellow would be a good Color but it just looks brown in Dark Mode.

Do you think there is any way to boost these Colors for Dark Mode? I suspect the answer is "no, because they are part of the System" but I thought no harm asking... :grinning:



They aren't system colors. But it is very hard to make the work in all situations, because they have to allow disabled variants, etc.

So they probably wont be changing.

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Just one more question. Are they set at below 100% opacity? Just wondering if that is why they look a bit muddy in Dark Mode?

No, they are 100% opaque. It is about the saturation and brightness, which as I say are a complex function to ensure that they work in normal and disabled mode, as well as interacting properly with selection outline and all the things drawn on them.