Feature Request: Add a Delay Time parameter to the "Type a keystroke" action

Could the “Type a keystroke” action could have an additional parameter that specifies how much time to wait, after the keystroke has been typed, before moving to the next action? I realize this can be accomplished with two actions right now, but since I seem to do this very frequently, it would be nice to do this in one action. (Or is there a quick shortcut for adding a Pause action?)

I started wanting this because I’ve got it in another product - the ShuttlePRO v2. It also let’s you do various keyboard macro stuff, and the “Type a keystroke” action has this delay time parameter, and it’s really nice. Truth be told, I usually just have my ShuttlePRO launch a KM macro, because, well, duh, KM is awesome.

Anyway, just wondering. Thanks.

A (The) solution I use (need):



Interesting! Thanks for the tip. It will help in some situations, although in most of my situations, I only need (and only want) to do this at specific times. Still, I know a couple of places this will help right away!

Thanks again.

The action in question can apply only to the current macro. And can be followed later with another one that resets the delay back to the default.

Generally this is an action that should be used as a last resort, it is a rather heavy handed tool, but it is there if needed.

I totally get that. Thanks.