Feature Request: Add Bluetooth triggers

Hi. I have a Bluetooth speaker which has a couple buttons on it (Play/Pause, Next Track, Previous Track…). Sadly at this point these buttons just control iTunes. I would love to assign those buttons as triggers for Keyboard Maestro.

Let me know if this would be possible.

Its not something I’ve looked in to. I’m suspicious it would not be possible, but I will add it to the list to look at at some point.

Wonderful. Thank you!

Is there a progress on this topic? I would like to use Bluetooth device connection trigger, to always set my microphone to build-in as it is described there https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/287399/how-to-always-use-internal-microphone

As far as I am aware there is no way to detect a bluetooth device connection. There is no system notification when a device is connected that I know of.

Would it be possible to periodically poll for it?

I do not want to use polling for any triggers, since either the poll period would be long enough as to be annoyingly slow, or polling would cause Keyboard Maestro Engine to use significantly more CPU/Energy.

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Outside the realm of Keyboard Maestro perhaps, but could iOS be the BlueTooth “first responder’ and then tickle a KM macro?

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A utility called Eventscripts was mentioned in another post. It can be used to respond to Bluetooth events and thereby trigger KM macros. Haven’t tried it but could be worth exploring.

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Very interesting App. It seems well documented and well designed.

On first testing, however, it will only inconsistently trigger that it found my Trackpad when I turn it off/on. And it will never trigger that it found my mouse when I turn it off/on.

Not sure if I am doing something wrong - I will see what tech support says. But given that it works at least intermittently I suspect this is a limitation of their app and not of my script.



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Interesting - keep us posted on progress please!

My guess is that Event Scripts is polling for this data, so it likely has some lag.

Not lag - it often simply does not work. But randomly it does. Seems more like a bug or an ineffective algorithm to me.

I have not gotten any response from their tech support yet either.