Feature Request: Add Multi-Resolution Support to Find Image

Sometimes when working I switch between resolutions, ie from 1440 to
2048 .

It'd be great to have a setting or workflow to:

  • Detect current resolution "CurrentRes"
  • Know which image to use depending on "CurrentRes" resolution value.


Find Image actions still work when switching between 1440 and 1680,
but Find Image (understandably) stops detecting images on resolutions higher than that.


The Screen height function can do this for you.
see the wiki here:

Example is to get the height of the main screen. If you want a secondary monitor change the index (first number).


whoops, thought you were switching between 1440 and 1680 not 2048, but you can see where to change that.

Thanks @kvanh, started doing exactly that,
a little bit cumbersome, but works!

You can use this macro to maintain a global variable called CurrentRes. It'll update at engine launch, login or screen resolution change (also monitor add/drops, etc...).