Feature Request: Add Scripting Support for All Menus and Buttons

@peternlewis, as you mentioned in another thread, it is more beneficial to just add direct scripting support for things like the KM Status Menu, and the KM Editor Buttons, than to mess with changing the UI.

I have no idea how hard it is to implement this scripting support. If it is very hard, or very time consuming, please let us know and we can try to prioritize the functions to make scriptable.

To be clear, I'm referring to these items:

###KM Status Menu

###KM Editor Buttons

The KM Status Menu is virtually inaccessible now via UI scripting, so perhaps the functions in it could be done first.

I think Chris (@ccstone) has now written UI scripts for most, if not all, of the KM Editor buttons, so they are less urgent. Of course, we all know how fragile UI scripts are.

@ccstone and @DanThomas, and all: Please jump in here if you view things differently and/or have other functions and priorities.

Thanks, Peter.

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Hey JM,

I of course am in favor of making everything scriptable!  :sunglasses:

There are some limits that are hard to overcome according to Peter due to Keyboard Maestro’s architecture (which he inherited from the original developer). He would have done things a bit differently if he’d started from scratch.

But – I’m in favor of anything that can be reasonably done to make automating the Keyboard Maestro environment itself easier.

Just yesterday I was wanting to select and group a bunch of actions, so I’m going to have to dig up Dan’s macro for doing that. (I’m sure that will make it into a future release of KM though, because it’s totally a no-brainer now that we have groups.)


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It's JM's macro, not mine, and I can't believe you don't use it constantly! I sure do.


Chris, it has a minor flaw. If you group the top actions, the Group is placed BELOW the following action, instead of at the top. Maybe you can fix this? :smile: