Feature request: add title field to "Group" action

I would love to be able to label "Group" actions. If they had a little title field, they could serve as their own comments when collapsed.

I'm currently doing this instead (image below), which is not a super great solution. Much better if the groups themselves had title fields.

Hey Jack,

Right-click on the action and select “Rename”.



Whoa, great! (Also—duh!)

@peternlewis, any chance we could get “Rename” as a menu option so I can assign a keyboard shortcut to it?

You may find this macro useful:

Set NAME of KM Action

I use ⌥M in the above macro. Works well for me, since the macro is ONLY active when the KM Editor is active.

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Create a macro with these actions and assign it a hot key.

It appears you have renamed the "Click or Move Mouse" Action to "Pop up Gear Menu", since I don't find any KM Action by that name.

I believe your macro requires that the mouse be positioned on the Action's Gear icon prior to executing. My above macro works in a similar fashion, but allows the mouse to be anywhere on the Action that is static, that is not a text or popup field.

Yes. I have been renaming actions more and more frequently, especially when I post. And no, I shouldn’t have done that here. These steps were extracted from an existing macro and although I reviewed them it didn’t occur to me that the renaming done in the past would cause a problem. Leaving the action renamed assumes too much about the reader’s experience, in that it assumes the action is readily recognizable by what it does, in this case a Move or Click Mouse.

Many KM actions provide variations that are not necessarily obvious from their name. Or at least not obvious to me —the answers to several questions I have asked here and by email turned out to be Action X does that.

The names of many actions default to say pretty much what the action says, which isn’t terribly useful. So, I have been using action names as a sort of comment. This strategy is particularly appropriate in explaining relatively long action sequences and nested combinations of compound actions such as Group and If-Then-Else.

No, ⌃click on anywhere in an action is the same as clicking the gear.

Thanks, @JMichaelTX.

Still requires me to put my hands on the mouse, though. :skull:

Yep, having a “Rename” option in the standard KM menu would be better. It should apply to whatever object is currently selected.

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Agreed. This is really a common feature in the UI of macOS software too – even the Finder.