Feature Request: Add Titles to All KM8 Prompts

@peternlewis, many thanks for the new tools/Actions you have provided us with in KM8. Unfortunately, all of the new Prompt actions do NOT allow us to provide a Title for the Prompt, so that the user knows what the Prompt is for.

There are probably more, but here's some:

Could you please add an option for user-supplied Title to all of these new KM8 Prompts?


For comparison, here's how a Prompt for Folder looks from AppleScript vs KM8:

AppleScript Prompt

KM8 Prompt


I added a title option to the Prompt With List action previously.

I have now added an optional title to the Prompt for File action for the next version.

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Peter, it would be really helpful if the Title for the Prompt with List did NOT cause the list of items to not show. Can't we have both? :smile:

No because once there is a list showing then there is a selection, and the selection is displayed where the title goes and I don't want to break either of those or add more space for a title.

The problem is that the user is presented with a list that he/she may not clearly understand the purpose. This is particularly true when the PWL is presented only sometimes based on the data.

You are using the macOS Spotlight type prompt which always must start with the user typing something in to first generate the list to choose from. But the user has explicitly triggered the prompt, and can clearly understand what the list represents. This is not true with the KM PWL.

I think the answer is "no" but is it possible to make the Title on the prompt bigger?
I see that the Applescript variant has the same smallness.... :slight_smile:

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Since you are asking for both the KM title and the AppleScript titles to both be bigger, I'll bet you can do that by opening System Preferences, click on Display, click on Scaled, and move the scroll bar to a larger scale. :slight_smile:

I didn't want to test it because I was worried about side effects on my Mac that I might have to work to undo.

Well, i solved it otherwise! I used a magnifier glass!

So, ok, @sleepy; you forced me to be more exact in my wording;
What i would like is the title to have a bigger font size compared to the other fonts.