[Feature Request] Add To keyboard Maestro documentation, solutions for problems from this forum

PHP documentation I think has notes submitted by users on each topic. Wished such a feature was added to the documentation highlighting how each topic was used in “real life macros” suggested or solved in the forum

Perhaps a link to a discussion on the forum would be helpful

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The wiki pages are slowly gathering links to the forum describing related uses.

Also, using the tag on the forum (Tags) can be a good way of finding information on a specific topic.

The documentation probably won’t itself gain a lot of notes/links facilities as it is not the best place for that information.

Didn’t know there was a wiki.
As an avid Wiki user, I agree that Wiki pages are the best place to collect such information. Personal or Collaborative Wikis would serve the purpose.

You can get to this easily by clicking on the “gear” icon in any action, and selecting “Help”. Or by right-clicking on an action and selecting “Help”.

BTW, the Wiki currently does include some links to posts in this forum. Many of the entries include a “Forum” sub-section in the “See Also” section.

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