[Feature Request]: Automatic pre-configuration of Execute Macro Action parameter

Concerning optional parameter, UI of the Execute Macro Action can appears in three basic forms:


Feature requests:

  • For a new action, to have user choice (perhaps hidden setting) of default initial form between 1. and 2..

  • For a reference to an already existing macro, automatic choice between form 1. and form 3. depending of existence of a token %TriggerValue% in the body of the referenced macro :wink:


A way to do this right now is to use a Named Clipboard. See:

In the future, I have a full-featured macro set coming that will make it easy to create lots of different customized actions.

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Thanks Dan for recalling your interesting video

@peternlewis This tip will help untill feature request 2. will be implemented :wink:

Looking forward for your named clipboard snippet “full-featured” manager :slight_smile:



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This is done for the next version.

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