Feature Request: Automatically Return Cursor to Original Position After Click on Found Image

Sure would be nice not to have to add ‘Set Variable [Mouse Location]…’ and ‘Use Variable [Mouse Position]’ to get and reposition the Mouse Cursor before and after ‘Move and Click […] Found Image’

Move and Click should have a checkbox (on by default) to grab the current cursor position before executing the Click action, and then return the cursor to its starting point.


Fortunately this already exists, though it is admittedly not on by default (though you can use @DanThomas's excellent KMFAM to save a Move and Click action configured so that it is enabled by default):

Doh! I almost never look at that menu; funny place to hide an option that deals with a cursor position in a cursor position action.

I’ve been using set/use variables based on a few other mentions of this method found on the forum. Those threads did not contain this suggestion, so, thanks!

The above link results in an installer that fails for different reasons over and over. Will report on that thread.

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And for actions that don't have a built in "Restore Mouse Location," you can always store and restore the mouse position yourself:

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The actions that have extra action-specific options have the subtle blue coloring in the action gear to help you remember to look there if you want extra options, and to know not to bother if it is white instead of blue.

The action is so very complicated already that anything that could be removed from the complex settings seemed a good idea.

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I would love to have the option to have 'Restore Mouse Location' be on by default. I almost never use that action without restoring the mouse position. It is a pain to have to always select it.

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it's not exactly the same as you ask, but it may be useful to you.

By default recorded clicks do not restore the mouse location, but you can change that with:
defaults write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine RecordedClickRestoresMouseLocation -bool NO

Just open terminal and paste this code.

More at: manual:Preferences [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]


Hmm. Am I missing something here? I've tried entering this command into terminal with no effect.
(I'm not very familiar with terminal). Have tried YES & NO, quitting KM Editor and Engine.. No luck. Any suggestions?

The command will only affect recorded clicks, not ones you create in the editor.

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omg you are a godsend, i wish i knew this 7 years ago lol. better late than never!

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I've been a member here for 8 years. I get the weekly summary emails. I still find stuff from years ago I wish I'd known when.