Feature Request -- Building your own blocks, saving them to a separate "palette" window

Greetings to Keyboard Meistro Outback Lounge,
(Long time user, first time poster!)

Please may I add a feature request?

I respectfully request a feature for saving custom assembled macros into draggable "blocks", accessible via a separate 'palette' window, (much like the icon chooser.)

Currently there is a way to incorporate separate macros inside a custom macro, using the "Execute a Macro" action, however I think that the process could become more streamlined.

For instance, are you familiar with the block-based coding platform called "Snap ?" (www.snap.berkeley.edu) It was formerly called "Build your own blocks" because there is a wonderful feature in there where you can abstract a sequence of commands inside a single block. I'm sure "Scratch" can also do this too (scratch.mit.edu). Further, you can construct these custom blocks with additional variables, and so on. These custom blocks exist on the palette-chooser side-bar after creating them, and you can stack / incorporate them inside additional blocks or commands by dragging / dropping them into your sequences.

Could it be possible that there exist a way to do this in Keyboard Meistro?

Over the years my experience with Keyboard Meistro has been good, however oftentimes awkward with far too much trial and error. I think I would be able to speed up my own workflow if I had the option to build up a library of my own macros in a more draggable / droppable workflow.

Thank you very much for reading this, and for the consideration.

Sincerely, Your Fan,
Evan H.

While this does not provide everything exactly the way you asked for, it does provide a very useful, easy to use tool to insert one or more saved block of Actions into the current Macro:

MACRO: [KMFAM] Favorite Actions and Macros

I highly recommend this macro tool, and use it many times a day.

Thank You, I will look forward to trying it out :slight_smile:

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